Simple Software Designed for Complex Collective Bargaining Negotiations

From local municipalities to federal agencies, CompPro is the tool to give you all the info you need to succeed at the collective bargaining table.

5 Simple Steps to Simplify the Collective Bargaining Proposal Process

From automating employee data to projecting and modeling compensation costs with accuracy, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the proposal process of collective bargaining.

Union Payroll Done Right, Every Time

Employee costs are a large percent of your departmental budgets. In today’s economic and political atmosphere, it’s critical to get the numbers right.

Pay raises, benefit premium increases, changing retirement contributions, collective bargaining calculations, pay for performance impacts, hourly wage adjustments, and early retirement scenarios: They all must be calculated.

Stakeholder Confidence, Guaranteed

From employees to senior management, and the voting public, everyone expects you get it right. Easily systematize employee compensation and rest easy knowing you can be confident your compensation and payroll calculations are accurate every time.

“We can now easily calculate the impact of changes in benefits, pension and taxes without the maintenance of a complex and fragile spreadsheet. Accuracy has greatly improved over our old method which has given us greater confidence in the projected costs of our collective bargaining proposals. The level of support we’ve experienced from the CompPro team is incredible. Their responsiveness and professionalism is second to none. They understand their product extremely well and are continually seeking out ways to grow and make improvements based on the specific needs of their customer.”

Heather S

Finance Department, Sarasota County Government

Confidence in Collective Bargaining Negotiations

CompPro handles complex compensation calculations for you, so you know that payroll is done right, every time. See how it works>>

Accuracy in Compensation Calculations

Make every compensation decision with confidence and accuracy. Calculate Accuracy Improvement >>

Collective bargaining is no cakewalk.

Eliminate costly errors caused by spreadsheets, expertly handle employee compensation, payroll, and contracts with all the information at your fingertips.

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