Collective Bargaining Compensation Planning Software Made Easy

With a single click, calculate compensations for all employees so that you can update payroll & issue contracts with confidence.

1 Click Total Compensation Analysis for Collective Bargaining

No more spreadsheets. Easy to calculate, communicate, and implement all things associated with employee compensation.

Send us your Information

Send us your current compensation structures, employee data and master contracts. Don’t worry, spreadsheets are ok!

CompPro Configuration

Sit back and relax. Our team configured CompPro to mirror your compensation structures and connect each employee to their positions, pay, benefits, retirement options, and tax structures.

Start calculating your scenarios and proposals!

Voilà! Deliver fast, accurate calculations so you can assess your options, confident that the numbers are right. Export data on the fly into your payroll system.

Make Compensation Decisions with Confidence

When budgets, operations and livelihoods are on the line, you need 100% accuracy in your compensation data. Rest easy with accurate compensation and payroll figures every time. That’s the confidence you get from CompPro.

Collective Bargaining Negotiations Made Easy

Work with union representatives, negotiate contracts and determine terms for employment. Have all the answers and resources at your fingertips when you’re at the collective bargaining table.

Collective Bargaining Compensation Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

When doing compensation planning, you need to know the costs of each scenario or proposal quickly and be confident the numbers are accurate. Relying on spreadsheets is tedious and leaves room for errors.

Our collective bargaining software simplifies what spreadsheets complicate.

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